Best known as the heroine of the Titanic tragedy, Margaret Tobin Brown's remarkable story begins in a small, three-room cottage nestled on a steep hillside in Hannibal, Missouri. See her birthplace and learn more about Margaret: Suffragette, Social Activist, American Patriot.

Epitome of the American Dream

Born in Hannibal, Missouri in 1867 to an Irish Catholic family of modest means, young Maggie Tobin dreamed of a better life for her family. She believed that everyone who worked hard and showed steadfast determination had the opportunity to achieve prosperity and success -- regardless of their gender, social class or circumstances of their birth.

Luck of the Irish

In 1886 Margaret left Hannibal to pursue her dream of a better life, settling high in the Rocky Mountains in Leadville, Colorado. Seven years after Margaret married J. J. Brown, and with two small children in tow, the Browns were rewarded for their hard work and perseverance with the discovery of gold in the Little Jonny Mine.

Socialite, Philanthropist

After moving to Denver, Colorado in 1894, Margaret joined other wealthy society ladies who donated their time and money to charitable causes that would help meet the needs of those less fortunate. She became a highly sought-after fundraiser known to host events that raised enormous sums of money, particularly for the betterment of the lives of women and children.

Activist, Patriot

Having endured the sinking of Titanic and praised for her heroic efforts to help other survivors both during and after the tragedy, Margaret devoted the remainder of her life to assisting those in need. By championing the right for women to vote, worker's rights such as eight-hour workdays and minimum wages, child labor laws and juvenile justice, and her aid to American and French troops during World War I, Margaret became one of the most influential women of the Progressive Era.

Molly Brown Birthplace and Museum

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